hand-carved and gilded

Supraporte Josefinischer Stil (SUP 4)
Muschelsupraporte (SUP 17B)
Supraporte Empire Stil (SUP 43)
sup4 Supr17b sup43
Size 30x63 cm

Size 15x66 cm

Size 15x42 cm

 •  •  •
Doppeladler (ADLER 5)
Supraporte Empire Stil (SUP 3)
Zierelement Barockes Blatt (BLATT 1)

KuK eagle Habsburg-Lothringen
Size 64x54cm

Size 49x14 cm

 Size 33x12cm

Blatt Stil Louis XIV. (BLATT 2)
  Blatt Barock Stil (BLATT 3)
Eichenlaub Biedermeier Stil (EICHEL 2)
 Blatt  Barock Blatt  Eichenlaub

Size 16x11 cm

Size 18x16 cm

  asymetrical, pair available
Size 28x10 cm
Flamme Barock Stil (FLAM 1)
 Blumengirlande Empire Stil (GIRL 1)
Kartusche Barock Stil (KART 1A)
flamme   Girlande Kartusche 
Size 7x5 cm
different sizes available
 portrait and landscape
Size 90x14 cm
Cartridge in open shell shape
Size 31x33 cm
 Konsole Empire Stil (KON 4A)
Konsole Barock Stil (KON 17)
Loorbeerkranz Napoleonischer Stil (KRANZ 1A)
 Konsole Konsole 11x12cm   Loorbeerkranz

Size 14x14 cm

Size 12x11 cm

Size 26x30cm
Siegeskranz Napoleonischer Stil (KRANZ 3A)
Krone (KRONE 2)
Kaiserkrone (KRONE 1A)
Siegeskranz Krone Kaiserkrone
Laurel wreath with flames and fasces
Size 15x24 cm
Neutral style crown
Size 14x24 cm
Habsburg imperial crown
Size 41x14 cm
Loorbeerzweig Biedermeier Stil (LORBEER 1)
Masche Biedermeier Stil (MA 5)
 Masche Biedermeier Stil (MA 25)
 Loorbeerzweig  Masche  Masche 46x19,5cm
 asymetrical, pair available
Size 20x9 cm

Size 8x21 cm

asymetrical, pair available
Size 46x19,5 cm
 Masche Empire Stil (MA 39)
Muschel Barock Stil (MU 3)
Muschel Rokoko Stil (MU 13)
 Masche 25x40cm Mu 3
durchbrochene Muschel
bow with artichoke, Gold and whitegold size 14x34,5 cm

 Size 11x14 cm

  Size 17x23 cm

Muschel Barock Stil (MU 15)
Rosenstrauß Biedermeier Stil (ROSE 3)
 Rosenzweig (ROSE 4)
 Barock Muschel  Rosenstrauß  Rosenzweig
Open centre
Maße 15x20,5 cm

 Size 22x18 cm

 Rose branch with flowers
Size 35x12 cm
 Stern (STERN 6) Stern (STERN 5)  Supraporte Barock Stil (SUP 80)
Stern  Stern 17x17cm   Barock Supraporte

 Six-pronged star, grooved

Size 15,5x15,5 cm

Large star with and without mirror

Size 17x17 cm

supraporte with fruit basket

Size 22x46 cm

 Supraporte Barock Stil (SUP 10D)
 Supraporte Josefinischer Stil (SUP 20)
 Supraporte Barock Stil (SUP 30)
Supraporte gebogen  Supraporte   Supraporte barock

 Size 20x77 cm

  supraporte with three mirrors
Size 43x18,5 cm

asymmetrical shape, produced in pairs

Size 30x130 cm

 Supraporte Barock Stil (SUP 41)
Supraporte Barock Stil (SUP 51)
Supraporte mit Löwenkopf (SUP 46B)
 Supraporte Barock 40x80cm  Supraporte 43x92 cm Supraporte mit Lowenkopf 
asymmetrical shape, produced in pairs 
Size 40x80 cm
Finely carved supraporte with field crops and label
Size 43x92 cm
Baroque supraporte with lion’s head in a shell
Size 18x82 cm
 Supraporte Empire Stil (SUP 72)
 Ölzweig (Ölzweig 1)
Supraporte - Empire   Olzweig  
 Cord with palm frond and ring
Size 14x52 cm

 Pair of olive branches (r + l), baroque, leaves with fruits, frond shape

Size 67x46 cm